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Four Lithuanians and one Indian were traveling in India by a small and old car. They reached the distance of 6099 kilometres in three weeks of November, 2008. The journey was started and finished in Mumbai. Travelers visited Calcutta, Varanasi, Agra, Delhi, Jaipur and other cities of India. The idea of this project remained the same- travelers were traveling and exploring distant lands by an old car and with little expenses. It is enough to mention terrorist attacks in Mumbai in order to understand how many adventures occurred while traveling. How to buy a car in a huge and unknown city? How did Mumbai look before and after terrorist attack? How to survive on the roads of India? The film was divided into five parts and was shown on LTV channel in winter of 2009. Some more impressions of Martynas Starkus can be find in a successful book “Tuk tuk India”, published in 2010.