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“The Castle” is a grandiose Lithuanian reality show that has no analogue in the world. It was organized for the first time in 2013. The object of this show is to survive in the medieval castle in Georgia. Twenty beautiful and lonely people change their comfortable life in Lithuania into an uncivilized life in Georgia. The participants will have to forget things they used to use everyday: telephones, television, computers, air-conditioners, etc. They will even have no showers. The participants will live in an ancient castle in which everyone starts to feel that time has stopped. The participants are 19-40 years old. They will try to get on well with other participants and to survive in uncivilized castle. The participants will have to use their cleverness, beauty, quickness of wit, charm and strength in many situations and tasks. Only one participant will come back in Lithuania with a prize of 50 000litas. The viewers of “The Castle” will be excited by the wonderful nature of Georgia, participants` relationships and intrigues, as well as Georgian trades, music, legends and ancient traditions.