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What? Where? When?

“What? Where? When?” is a worldwide intellectual television game show in which a team of 6 experts attempts to answer questions sent in by viewers. The experts are playing for the victory and honor, while the viewers are playing for the prize of money. Firsty, a game “What? Where? When?” became very popular in Russia, later on it became a well-known television show in Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and USA. There are 13 sectors that contain envelopes with questions sent by the viewers. The game continues up to 6 points- the experts or the viewers win the show. The shortest game can finish with score 6:0, the longest 6:5 (or 5:6). The arrow on the spinning top selects the sector which will be played next. Also, there are two rubrics in the show- “Black Box” and “Blitz sector”.