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Secret Story

“Secret Story” is a reality show that is well- known in the whole world. It is an improved version of a reality show “Big Brother” that became popular in France, Spain, Holland and Portugal. In Lithuania “Secret Story” has started in spring of 2013. The aim of this reality show is to save your own secret that you bring to the show and while communicating with the others try to guess other participants` secrets. Participants are observed by many cameras 24 hours a day and have no contact with the outer world. The only connection is the Voice of the owner of the house who dictates the rules for the game. “Secret Story” involves 15 charismatic, interesting, beautiful and mysterious people with their secret stories in a detective, in which only the winner can win a prize of more than 100 000 litas. This reality show was shown on three TV channels- TV3, TV6 and TV8. 24 hours a day people could watch “Secret Story” on the Internet (TV3Play). Show ratings beat the records and had a huge audience of viewers. The winner of “Secret Story” is Gintautas Katulis.