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Lithuanian Music Awards "M.A.M.A"

Lithuanian Music Awards "M.A.M.A" is a grandiose show that rocks Lithuanian music scene from 2011. A top level event is organized in Z(algiris arena, where hundreds of thousands viewers can watch the show lively. Live broadcast of "M.A.M.A" awards is available on TV3 channel every year. Estimated duration of the ceremony is about 4 hours. The main goal of "M.A.M.A" awards is to promote Lithuanian music not only for the local viewers but also to the new markets worldwide. The aim is to gather the best Lithuanian singers and artists to one place and to show up the best pieces of their last year work.The award ceremony includes many different styles of music- pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic dance music, etc. Singers, musicians, producers, video clips, songs and young talents are evaluated in "M.A.M.A" awards. In "M.A.M.A. 2013" ceremony there were more than 16 nominations that were represented during the show. "TV Manija" organizes this top event together with music association.